Information about the shoots at the club

Also be sure to check the club calendar for dates and times of these shoots.

Suomi Shoot

This is our annual winter bolt action or straight pull action military surplus match.      Details here

.22 Rimfire F Class Rifle Match

April thru October we offer a 22 rimfire monthly matches,      Details here

22LR ARA (Winter matches)

During the winter we have a heated build to shoot 'ARA' American Rimfire Association targets. We try and hold 1 meet a month threw the winter with 3 classes.

  • Base class under $750 no modifications
  • Intermediate class under $1,500
  • Open class

  ARA Rules are here...

Dave Wilk F/G Class Challenge

If you are interested in shooting targets at the far end of the rifle range, come to this match. Hunting or precision rifle welcomed. If you have questions please contact Reg Lipp.

Military Rifle Match

Bring your military rifle and shoot,      Details here

NRA 80 Round Regional Course

This is a long range match. If you have questions please contact Reg Lipp or Gary Stevens.


This long range match. More information about the match including a copy of the flyer is on the Rod and Gun Club‘s website. If you have questions please contact Reg Lipp or Gary Stevens.

CMP Modern Military Match

Bring your favorite surplus military or modern military styled rifle to this fun new match. The match is rapid, and slow fire at 200 yards. Part of the match standing and prone shooting. If you have questions please contact Reg Lipp or Gary Stevens.

Firecracker 300

If you missed out on this years Frigid pistol match, don’t worry. This year we are holding the same match again, but hopefully this time it will be warmer. Each round will require 30 rounds of ammo and a few magazines for your pistol. Please contact Gary Stevens for more information.

Superior Rifleman

Would you like to improve your rifle shooting? Stop by the club on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM. Superior Rifleman is the long range rifle club at the range. You can use almost any centerfire rifle, including a hunting rifle, a modern sporting rifle, a military surplus rifle or a custom precision rifle. You can shoot on a bench, prone, kneeling or standing and you can use a bipod or sandbag if you want. Open sights or an optic are welcomed. Contact Mark Knoebel for further information. Please see calendar for dates and times.

Junior Rifle

The Junior Rifle season will end with the Family Pizza Party and fun shoot on April 6, beginning at 6 PM. This season, there were a total of 14 shooters; so many in fact, that we had to expand Junior Rifle to two nights a week. That many young shooters meant that the program burned through a large amount of .22 ammunition, which, as everyone recognizes, has been difficult to find. If you have any standard velocity .22 LR that you don’t need, please consider donating it to the Junior Rifle program by contacting Robin Turner at 906-869-2406. The Junior Rifle program starts up again on December 7, 2022. If your child is interested in learning more about competitive .22 rimfire shooting or just wants to learn more about shooting in general, they may be interested in junior rifle. A rifle and targets will be provided. If you would like to learn more, contact Robin Turner.

Mid-UP Shooters

Do you like shooting or at least trying to shoot clay pigeons? If the answer is yes, then starting May 4th, come to the club house on Wednesdays around 5:00 PM for trap and skeet and Thursdays around 5:00 PM for sporting clays with your shotgun and ammo. Winter trap, skeet and mini sporting clays will continue on Saturday afternoons until May 4th. Mid-UP Shooters is the shotgun club at the rod and gun club. In addition to running the shotgun day or nights every week at the club, they also organize the registered skeet and side by side matches in the summer. Please check the calendar for dates and times. Unfortunately, due to world events, clay target prices will be increasing May 1st. You are not required to join Mid-UP shooters to participate in shotgun events, but all club members are welcome to join. The side by side and registered skeet shoots will be in August. More information will be in the upcoming newsletter. Contact Len Gaboury if you have questions or if you would like to join Mid-UP Shooters.

Bullseye Pistol

Stop by the club on a Monday night around 5:00 PM and bring your favorite pistol or revolver. Make sure to bring lots of ammo. Contact Bob Napel if you have questions.

Firecracker 250

July 9th the club will be presenting the inaugural Firecracker 250 Pistol Match. It’s will be like the Frigid 300 or the former Tri- Range pistol shoots, but with more options and it will definitely be warmer. First off, as the match’s name implies, you’ll be firing only 25 rounds. Why? Well, you can fire the course twice with only one box of ammo. You will be loading just 5 rounds instead of the more familiar 6 shots as the playing field will include some shooters wielding 5 shot stubbie wheel guns. There will be a separate class for shooters who are firing any handgun with a barrel length of 3.8” or less. You may use any center-fire caliber.

22 PRS

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