.22 Rimfire F Class Rifle Match

The purpose of these rules/procedures is to basically define how the 2023 Negaunee Rod & Gun Club (NRGC) Rimfire competitions will be organized and conducted. The purpose of these matches is for everyone, no matter the class or the investment to have fun. To that end we have tried to develop a format that allows competitors at every level to shoot and enjoy themselves, no matter if their intention is to win the match or just shoot for fun – we have a class and competition for everyone.

Following are sections that detail the rules/procedures. Please read them and utilize this text to help you to become an informed participant/competitor:

    The entry for all matches is $15 per classification for members of the NR&GC and $20 for non-members. If you choose to shoot a second time in a classification (for fun, not for score), the fee will be $10.

  1. A competitor can only enter a competition classification once. If there is room, you may shoot again for a reduced fee, but only the first score will be recorded for the purpose of the match.
  2. A competitor may enter any and/or all of the classifications they wish to compete in, as long as they only shoot once “for record” in each.

Equipment and Classes
“Benchrest” (“F-Class” but from a bench) – a front rest, sand bags or bipod and rear bag is allowed. A rest/cradle that connects the front and rear rest is prohibited.

  • Open - basically unlimited, whatever you want to shoot, as long as it is shoulder fired and chambered in 22LR it is acceptable.
  • Iron Sights - same rules as “Open” class, except that only “iron sights” may be used. No scopes or optical sights of any kind are allowed.
  • *Intermediate - is limited to a rifle chambered for 22LR and scope, that costs $1,500 or less (current cost, on sale). It is a “factory” class, that allows limited modifications.
    • Allowed Modifications:
      • Triggers maybe modified or replaced
      • Stocks may be bedded, have bedding pillars installed, aftermarket stocks may be used, bag riders may be installed and/or other attachments that facilitate the use of a front rest and real bag.
      • Replacement bolt handles/knobs
    • All other modifications are prohibited, including but not limited to barrel replacement and/or action truing.
  • *Base - this is a “factory stock” classification, that does not allow any modification of the rifle. There are no scope limitations, but the total cost of the rifle and scope must be $750 or less.
  • *Sporter - any rifle and scope combination that sells for $750 or less and has a muzzle diameter of .750” or less. The scope is also limited to a maximum of 9X.

*The acceptance of any rifle in any of these classifications is totally at the discretion of the Match Director, who's decision is final.

“NRA Rimfire F-class” (Open & F/TR - prone) - NRA rules define this classification - please refer to “NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules” Page 65-67.

Courses of Fire
  • “Benchrest” (Open & Intermediate) - 40 minutes for 40-shots on 4 targets at 100 yds., 10 per target, 10-ring 1”, X-ring 0.5”
  • “Sporter” - 40 minutes for 40-shots on 4 targets at 100 yds., 10 per target on 4 individual “critter” targets
  • “F-Class” (Open & F/TR) - NRA rules define this classification - please refer to “NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules” Page 68-69.

Squadding will be limited to 8 competitors per relay. Relays will be on a “first registered, first pick” (relay) basis. Each relay will have 20 minutes to set up (post targets and arrange equipment) and 40 minutes to shoot the required number of rounds.

There will be no alibies allowed in any of the matches, with the exception of F-Class, and there NRA rules govern. There is plenty of time to correct any problem you have and still finish within the time limit.

Award (medals or plaques) will be presented for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places (if there is enough competitors) in all classifications.

Finally, the Match Director has the ultimate decision-making authority, in any and all controversies, disagreement or disputes. He/she will make the decision, which will be binding on all competitors. There is no form of appeal.

Any questions please contact John Heikkila for more info