Course of fire for the match is 30 or more rounds fired by each competitor at various life-size silhouette targets at ranges up to 100 yds. There are no sighter shots in this match and targets will not be individually spotted(no spotter scopes or binoculars allowed) during course of fire. Targets will be scored only after each phase is completed. Match will be held unless blizzard conditions make driving hazardous. All competitors will complete one stage of fire before the match advance to the next stage.

Fees $15 per entry and $5 refires

Courses of Fire

Suomi Defense - 100 yards - Type of Fire Slow - Position Skimish Bunker - Shots 10 - Time Limit 5 minutes

Russian Repulse - 100 yards - Type of Fire Rapid - Position Offhand - Shots Unlimited** - Time Limit 90 seconds

Advance & Attack - 50-100 yards - Type of Fire Timed Rapid - Any Position - Shots 10 - Time Limit 2 minutes

** Note: In the Russian Repulse the shooter fires as many rounds as they can in the 90 second limit. Shots are scored as either hits or misses. Magazines to be loaded with no more than 5 rnds at a time.

RIFLES: Any military style bolt action or straight-pull rifle with open issue sights is permitted. A rifle sling may be used in any phase.

CLASSES: There will be three classes in this event. Finnish/Russian Armed ( eg.Mosin-Nagant etc; Classic Military (Any bolt or straight pull military rifle), Open( Civilian bolt)

AWARDS: All competitors will be entered into a drawing for Match Grand Prize. Individual stage winners will receive medals.