Military Rifle Match

Bolt, semi-auto, or straight pull actions.

Two classes: As Issued and Unlimited.
  • As Issued: is just that. Rifle must be in the same configuration as it was when delivered to the military.
  • Unlimited: Ar15 rifles can have a scope with no more than 4.5 power. Variable scopes are ok. Rifle weights are unlimited. Exterior configuration must similar to the original military or military type rifle.

Trigger pull not less than 4.5 lbs.
Butt stocks may vary in length either fixed or adjustable.
Rifles may be fitted with a float tube or free floating handguard.
Rifle must be chambered for 5.56x45 or .223 Remington cartridge.

Unlimited M1 Garand permitted mods:
  • synthetic bedding
  • NM sights
  • commercial or foreign manufactured Garands
  • glass bedded or shimmed stocks

Cheek pieces not permitted.

Rifles permitted: All U.S. Government rifles accepted for service with the armed forces to include 30-40 Krag up to current M16(AR15).

Foreign Manufactured Firearms: All that were accepted for service in their respective countries.

COURSE OF FIRE: 35 rounds.
1: 200 yard slow fire-prone 5 sighters 10 shots for record total time 15 minutes.
2: 200 yard rapid fire- prone from standing 10 shots 80 seconds. There is a mandatory reload 2+8 or 5+5 (you can't fire all 10 shots at one time).
3: 200 yard slow fire-standing 10 minutes.

If a person has a military firearm that they are not sure qualifies, I would be happy to inspect it and make a determination on its suitability in accordance with CMP Competition rule book 2022- ninth edition.